As the world experienced in 2020, the future can be hard to predict and job security can become fragile overnight. In recent years, our communities across the U.S. have had to withstand hurricanes, wildfires, and a global pandemic. To help collision repair professionals in times of catastrophic events, the Collision Industry Foundation (CIF) is there to support them financially in times of uncertainty. CIF has helped those affected by Hurricane Katrina, the California wildfires, among many others. Just last year, the CIF provided over $250,000 in support to collision repair professionals impacted by Covid-19.

As a leader in the automotive filler and putty industry, Evercoat understands the importance collision repair professionals have in the lives of anyone who depends on their vehicle to perform when they need it. ITW Evercoat has decided to Answer the Call and has joined their CIF Annual Donor Program to help them deliver their goal of providing emergency relief to those struggling during a natural disaster.

The CIF has this to say on our recent inclusion to the donor program:

The Collision Industry Foundation is excited to announce that ITW Evercoat has joined the “CIF Annual Donor Program” at the IMMEDIATE CARE level; with a $1,000 pledgeThe Annual Donor Program was designed to bring needed, recurring resources to the Foundation, so it can deliver on its mission to Answer the Call when those in the industry have been impacted by unforeseen catastrophic events. CIF depends solely on the generosity of donations to conduct its work. Thank you ITW Evercoat!”

The ITW Evercoat team is thrilled to be a part of the Collision Industry Foundation with our annually recurring donation. To learn more about the CIF and their now 20 year commitment to those in the collision repair industry, visit their website for information: